We are supplying forklift solid tire as a authorized dealer of the best worldwide brand is Stellana

Forklift Solid Tire

– High performance tread reduces chunking and tearing in indoor and outdoor applications.
– Cushion layer ensures low rolling resistance, heat buildup, and driver comfort.
– Engineered sidewall encapsulation for added longevity.
– The extremely hard base is reinforced by steel beads for added strength, flexibility, and to prevent rotation on the rim.
– Black and non-marking natural rubber options.
– Wider profile offers increased lateral stability.
This forklift tires for all classes of industrial forklifts. Whether need is for high-performance polyurethane tires or long-lasting rubber tires you will receive the same high-quality tires as the OEM manufacturers of lift truck equipment. Polyurethane tires are available in several materials that have been specifically engineered to maximize vehicle performance in both common and extremely demanding usage environments.