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I am Khan Md. Mohiuddin


Bangladesh is a developing country having investment-friendly environment all over the country and stimulating rapid economic growth through industrialization and structural development. This increased industrialization across the country makes a huge market of Material Handling Equipment in this region. In this respect Royal Machinery Corporation Ltd. is playing a significant role to fulfill the requirements of present market.

In the perspective of globalization, present market of Material Handling Equipment appears to be a competitive business ground. Considering this competitive market situation, we will continue to expand our current businesses to strengthen our corporate foundations and service support division to an extreme level.

My fields of Expertise

To be more specific, as before we remarkably developed our service teams and marketing departments to earn trustworthiness of the consumers, we are focusing on the stock of spare parts and more proactive service. Throughout all of our businesses, we are determined to enhance our sensitivity to market needs, in order to conduct flexible business activities with speed and agility while pursuing sustainable growth.

Besides, we are working to increase professional skills of our staff members, as well as implementing an international point of view regarding the processes of training and utilization of technical knowledge.

Royal Machinery Corporation Ltd. is widely regarded as both proactive and trustworthy; we intend to add more strength to these impressions. We ask for your continued support and guidance as we continue to strengthen our position.

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