Aisle Master in Bangladesh

For many businesses, more WAREHOUSE STORAGE Capacity means a better bottom line for their Company. When you require additional warehouse space, you will have two options. Extend your existing facility or move premises. You will have a third option with Aisle Master. By optimizing your racking layout and reducing aisle widths. You can dramatically increase your storage capacity within your existing facility with this superb articulated truck-Aisle Master.

Aisle Master has a vast range of experience in providing cost-effective solutions to material handling problems. You can be sure of peerless quality and Support when buying any Aisle Master articulated forklift truck.  The Aisle Master range is produced by Combilift. The acknowledged world leader in the design and manufacture.

Specially designed for increase warehouse storage capacity. Reduce Costs with more Efficient Offloading, Handling and Storage.

We directly import Aisle Master from Combilift, Ireland. We already delivered more than 50 Aisle Master in Bangladesh.  


Each truck can operate on any floor surface, both inside and out…


With the ability to operate in very narrow aisles in the warehouse…


Electric powered models now benefit from AC technology as standard…